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Here is an opportunity to do something that will


Impact The Community!


Help James make a difference


There are many ways to volunteer,

from walking door to door to hosting fundraising events.

Here are ways you can help:


First I would like to say thank you for contemplating hosting a Campaign party.  These can be very simple get togethers of a dozen or so of your friends, and invite me.  I can come alone or bring a like minded Council Candidate along with me as a surprise.  We are blessed that we have some REAL: conservatives running for Council positions.  I will mix it up and bring someone who would like to join us.  Red salsa, chips and a beverage and we have a party!  But the purpose is really for you to get to know me.  I am looking forward to spending time with you, your family, and your friends.  This does not just have to be during the Campaign, I will gladly spend time with you throughout my service to Justin, Texas!    


We are just weeks or perhaps days away from early elections. I could really use some folks to walk house to house with me here in town, or phone bank along with me.  I have phone numbers!  Let's get people out to the polls! Let's Make a difference together!


Some think that these positions we are running for, must pay a lot. In reality, a City Council person receives $75 per Council meeting, (not to exceed 2 meetings a month) and the Mayor receives$125 a meeting, (not to exceed 2 meetings a month). I do not believe anyone does this for the money.  Campaigns cost $1000s, so your candidates are spending their money in order to represent you, your principals, and your values.  You may vote but once a season, but your vote is replicated time and time again when you elect the right candidate.   Please consider helping us win this race.   #JustinTXstrong #JamesClarkforMayor

Join the James Clark Campaign

Denton County Elections Administration

701 Kimberly Drive, Suite A101

Denton, TX 76208

TEL (940) 349-3200

FAX   (940) 349-3201

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We will make a difference together!!

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