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My Name is James Clark, and I am running for Justin Texas Mayor

I was born in the 1900s, on the wrong side of the Red River, even though our home was in Odessa Texas.  To this day I am not sure I have completely forgiven my mom for this little-known fact. So, let’s keep that between us.  I was raised by a single mom until I was 6 and by the time, I was 7 she married the man that I proudly call my dad.  My family is unique.  My mom on her tippy toes is 3’ 10 inches tall, and I was taller than her in Kindergarten.  As you can imagine, she had some obstacles, but I never knew it until really in the last 2 years.  She was always 100% normal to me.  She worked hard when I was little, and even harder as I grew up.  She retired after 25 plus years in teaching.  Her passion was kids, and her career was spent entirely with inner city school kids from 1st to 3rd grade.   My dad, whom I met the same time mom did! Was a hard worker and would often have multiple jobs to ensure that we taken care of.  I really had no idea that we were nearly penniless for much of my childhood, which was by design.  Our home was full of love and warmth.  I know I got my work ethic from my parents and my passion for family from my childhood.  I am the Proud father of 3 sons, a stepdaughter and about a dozen kids that have adopted me over the years, and finally but truly not the least, a fiancé  that there are no words for just how amazing she is.  Every single successful man I know, has a strong, intelligent, powerful, and confident woman at his side, and I am blessed to have the most amazing ones that God created, as mine.


Growing up we moved around far more than most, and it was rare to go to the same school for more than a year, and often less than that.  I credit this fact with my outgoing friendly nature.  I had to learn to make friends fast or get bullied for being the new kid all the time.  Fast forward several years, I joined the United States Army National Guard close to my 16th birthday.  Went split option Basic Training and AIT in the middle of the summer at Ft Sill Oklahoma. Went to College at John Brown University instead of my last 2 years of Highschool, and then on to Oklahoma Baptist University after graduation.  The Montgomery GI Bill did not pay as expected and  after a few semesters I went Active Duty in the United States Army.  I changed my MOS from 13E, to 11H, and ultimately 92Y later in my career.   My last duty station was in Texas, and upon getting out, I moved to North Texas and although I have lived abroad for work a few times, I have called North Texas home for the last 23 years, and Texas home for nearly 40.


I have been in leadership positions my entire life. From the military to corporate America, from the United States, to South Korea, to China and more.  I have had well over 200 people reporting to me and have managed budgets and projects in the 10s of millions of dollars.  A true leader, empowers those around him, a true leader is open minded and seeks to be educated in their field, a true leader finds value in those they serve alongside.  I am not now, nor will I ever be a yes man, I will fight for what I know is right, and will remain loyal to those who fight along side me.  I am 100% here for this town, for the vision that many of us share, and I recognize that I get elected to REPRESENT the Citizens of this town and NOT the interests of our local government.  I am here to fight for you, and I am strong enough to endure when we face those that seek to change what we stand for.  My name is James Clark, and I am asking for your votes to make me YOUR Mayor of Justin Texas.   May God bless our little town.





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